Yesterday in Durango and Alamosa

Yesterday we spent the day in Durango, great town. On the way to Alamosa we  (actually Matt) learned a valuable lesson. DON’T  try to drive an RV up a mountain with less than a 1/4 tank of gas. On a side note, his incredibly wise wife (that’s me) mentioned BEFORE he started the drive up the mountain that he was very low on gas.  OK, back to the story… He had to turn around at close to the top and coast down and BARELY made it to the gas station. Now, if you ask my husband he will tell you exactly what he said to me when we pulled in, “see, plenty of gas”  Meanwhile, I now have an ulcer, high blood pressure and a few more gray hairs😣 We arrived a little later than expected to Alamosa (probably due to him not listening to me🤔) so we found an awesome brew pub and had dinner.  Today,  great sand dunes and in to Colorado. 20170809_221616.jpg

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