Silicon Valley and lake Tahoe 

So, Monday we left the house in San Fransisco(I am not going to miss the the 11 flights of steps to get to the top😥) I am going to miss watching the whales play in the cove each day.  We headed into Silicon valley  (I live with 2 nerds (Ry and Matt)that insisted on seeing it) Ryan has decided that he wants to go to school for programming  (we couldn’t be happier or more proud, he has always been incredibly sharp with computers and games) I have to admit, the Google complex was very impressive!! So, after that we picked up our 2nd RV and away we go to lake Tahoe.  We arrived later than we wanted (California traffic is the worst)to so we found this awesome little BBQ restraunt and enjoyed a great meal and some laughs.  Yesterday we found a beach and just let the kids play in the water and relaxed. Lake Tahoe is so beautiful,  we decided to spend another night here.  As we made our way back to where we knew we wanted to have dinner ( McP’s Irish pub💚☘) the sunset was spectacular so of course we pulled over to enjoy the beauty of it. Today we will do a little hike (well at least that’s what Matt and Kiersten said 😈😈) and then off to Yosemite…..

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