Our last day and some final thoughts…

We dropped off the RV this morning and headed to the hotel. We decided to go into San Fransisco one last time. Matt got a recommendation last week about the BEST dumplings in the city.  He has been craving these dumplings all week. We found the Dumpling King restaurant and OMG, the food there was amazing!!!! We walked around the city (mainly to walk off our lunch) for a bit and decided to go back to the hotel so the boys could go swimming and we can just relax . Tomorrow we will be up at 5:00 a.m. and get ready to travel most of the day, we should be home around 6:00 p.m.   So, here are some final facts and thoughts about this adventure 

1. I am married to the most patient( I know his wife, believe me he has the patience of a saint),generous ,selfless and kind man. 

2. The 5 people I just made the most incredible memories for the last 16 days with are my favorite group of people in this whole world. 

3. Our 4 children share the same twisted sense of humor that Matt and I have.  I can’t begin to tell you about the off color jokes and conversations we shared. Sometimes, I laughed so hard I cried.

4. My family pushed me to go out of my comfort zone  ( on those #@!& hikes) and cheered me on even though I think they probably wanted to push me off a cliff once or twice.  

5. We put on almost 3000 miles between the 2 RV’s!!!  And God love my husband, he drove the whole time and NEVER complained once.

6. We made memories and shared an amazing adventure that none of us will ever forget.

7. We are already talking about what our next trip will be.

8. We have the best family and friends that shared this journey with us on this blog. It was so sweet to get texts and comments on the blog encouraging us.

9. My children of the corn (remember,  that’s their new name with reasons stated earlier in the blog) refuse to just give me a nice picture when I ask the first time. Good lord, they have to poke at each other or grab someone around the neck.  That’s ok kids, mom has allllllll day. I am more than happy to keep you in one spot until I get the one I want😲

4 Replies to “Our last day and some final thoughts…”

  1. I enjoyed your trip so much,!
    You are an awesome family , & I just loved following your blog
    Can’t wait to hear more about it next week
    Safe travels home my friend


  2. Wow! What an awesome trip! I loved following all your adventures and looked forward to your updates! So glad you were able to have such an amazing experience!!


  3. Michael and I were talking about your trip this morning on our walk and what a great experience for you all. Glad you had such a great time.


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