My fatal “mistake” 

While I was looking for my two child like brothers I passed through the ladies shower room. At first I had no idea I was inside the actual shower room, I only thought it was a walkway to get closer to my brothers! When I finally found them i started questioning how old they really are. Kevin and Mason were jumping on a inflated bubble like platform with 5 and 7 year olds!! After watching them dominate at every game they played I decided to walk around and adventure the rest of the campground. The stars were beautiful and the people were silent, a real life paradise. Without knowing where I was I totally passed out RV and ended up right back at the ladies showers. Again, not knowing it was the shower room I walked through again hoping to meet up with my childish brothers. To top this embarrassing moment a young girl and her mother watched me walk right through the shower room without even warning me!! After listening carefully to the sound of only women talking I finally realized it was the ladies showers and went red to the face right away. With a little more pep in my step I rushed back as quick as I could to the RV to share my “terrible” experience.

Take a breath, or two… or 10


Faithful husband stays back with struggling mother as they take on Delicate Arch with their impatient children. Two football field lengths ahead stood the  develishly good looking ryan pease and those other children “encouraging” their mother as she slowly takes on the slope one step at a time. At last they finally make it to the top and enjoy the views, engraving the scene into their heads taking in every detail. Along with making memories, we also made new friends. After sharing laughs from their kids throwing water bottles down the cliff the family’s part ways hoping to see each other on their next hike.  In order to take revenge on her family, the dedicated mother sets off racing down the mountain leaving her family in the dust. In the end it was a good adventure with a great twist.

God help us all 


A trip like this is something not everyone can relate to or experience. A journey like this has an inevitable end to it most of the time, however through the course of this trip 4 Satan like children will accompany their parents for two weeks while being trapped in a small space. Stress will most definitely consume their father as he maps out and drives his family to their final destination. Will these little Irish devils drive him mad, cause chaos and change the course of this trip? Or will the family only share fun stories and terrible jokes? I would pray to god, but I fear that not even god could help this family.