My fatal “mistake” 

While I was looking for my two child like brothers I passed through the ladies shower room. At first I had no idea I was inside the actual shower room, I only thought it was a walkway to get closer to my brothers! When I finally found them i started questioning how old they really are. Kevin and Mason were jumping on a inflated bubble like platform with 5 and 7 year olds!! After watching them dominate at every game they played I decided to walk around and adventure the rest of the campground. The stars were beautiful and the people were silent, a real life paradise. Without knowing where I was I totally passed out RV and ended up right back at the ladies showers. Again, not knowing it was the shower room I walked through again hoping to meet up with my childish brothers. To top this embarrassing moment a young girl and her mother watched me walk right through the shower room without even warning me!! After listening carefully to the sound of only women talking I finally realized it was the ladies showers and went red to the face right away. With a little more pep in my step I rushed back as quick as I could to the RV to share my “terrible” experience.

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