Zion national park

Today we went hiking in Zion national park.  I wasn’t sure that I wanted to go after the trama I suffered yesterday but, I am the leader of this clan (don’t tell Matt I said that 😉) so of course I had to go.  The park is so incredibly beautiful. We did learn a valuable lesson….when it is suggested to go hiking early morning or late afternoon due to the heat (it was 94 degrees today)  PLEASE LISTEN! These people know more than you.  We started our hike at 1:00.  Again!! We learned our lesson.  Our hike lasted 5 hours (seemed like 18 hours) Did I mention it was HOT?🌡🔥  Oh yeah, we saw a tarantula ,that was neat but creepy🕷 We had a great dinner at the Zion brew pub after our hike. We saw the most beautiful full moon as we drove out of town and of course we pulled over to take pictures On our way now to the grand canyon,  Matt has a big surprise planned for us tomorrow so stay tuned….




Middle school

Somebody in our family (not naming names) missed the bus to the RV today. The laughter afterwards made up for all of the cold rain, and hail that was crashing down on us for about 15 minutes. Overall a great day.

Our adventure in Bryce canyon….

20170806_140845Today started our pretty good. We got to Bryce canyon( we ran into a friend from Rochester). Matt and I decided to take the shuttle to Bryce point and do a nice little hike (1.3 miles) to inspiration point with the kiddos.   Well…..Kiersten said it would be so nice to go down in the canyon. Of course daddy agreed with his princess.  The thing is, if you hike DOWN into the canyon you have to hike UP to get out of the canyon. Trying to be a trooper , I followed my husband and our children of the corn( that is their new name because I think they are trying to kill me🤔)  We did a couple of trails and I said ,”can we find the easiest trail up?” Matt and Kiersten said “yes”. I swear I saw them look at each other and snicker. What the heck did I ever do to those two?   Oh yeah, before I forget…..THERE IS NO EASY WAY UP FROM THE CANYON!!!   Anyways, almost to the top and we have lightening bolts and hail. The children of the corn ran up to the top to safety and Matt waited for me.(I guess he realizes that the kids will eventually move out and he will be stuck with me). So,  we finally made it out of the canyon and we were waiting with a hundred othere people for a shuttle to take us to our vehicles. The bus gets there, we try to huddle close so we can all get on together. I stood behind the kids to make sure they got on. The bus driver started closing the door as I was pushing Kiersy  in and my hand got stuck AND he started driving away.  A guy next to me grabbed my hand out as I looked up to see my family drive away. I grabbed the next bus 10 freezing cold minutes later and when I was delivered to my stop I was greeted and being videotaped by my family .   All I have to say to my family is…sleep with one eye open😘     Next stop…Zion national park.

Take a breath, or two… or 10


Faithful husband stays back with struggling mother as they take on Delicate Arch with their impatient children. Two football field lengths ahead stood the  develishly good looking ryan pease and those other children “encouraging” their mother as she slowly takes on the slope one step at a time. At last they finally make it to the top and enjoy the views, engraving the scene into their heads taking in every detail. Along with making memories, we also made new friends. After sharing laughs from their kids throwing water bottles down the cliff the family’s part ways hoping to see each other on their next hike.  In order to take revenge on her family, the dedicated mother sets off racing down the mountain leaving her family in the dust. In the end it was a good adventure with a great twist.

Hiked to the delicate arches

20170805_082201Well, Peaser had up at 5:30 this morning. Mind you, we didn’t get to the campsite last night(I mean this morning) until 1:00a.m.   We really wanted to see the sunrise but missed it. It was a 3 mile round trip hike to get to the arch. Not gonna lie…. the kids had to stop and wait a few times for me. Then a 2 year old passed me. That’s when I put my big girl pants on,pushed that toddler aside and climbed that cliff. It was worth it!!  It is so beautiful, it took my breath away.  Being able to share this experience with my family,  even though I was the butt of a few of their jokes is amazing. Oh yeah Kier, it was so funny when you pretended to kick me off the edge of the cliff 🤕

God help us all 


A trip like this is something not everyone can relate to or experience. A journey like this has an inevitable end to it most of the time, however through the course of this trip 4 Satan like children will accompany their parents for two weeks while being trapped in a small space. Stress will most definitely consume their father as he maps out and drives his family to their final destination. Will these little Irish devils drive him mad, cause chaos and change the course of this trip? Or will the family only share fun stories and terrible jokes? I would pray to god, but I fear that not even god could help this family.