God help us all 


A trip like this is something not everyone can relate to or experience. A journey like this has an inevitable end to it most of the time, however through the course of this trip 4 Satan like children will accompany their parents for two weeks while being trapped in a small space. Stress will most definitely consume their father as he maps out and drives his family to their final destination. Will these little Irish devils drive him mad, cause chaos and change the course of this trip? Or will the family only share fun stories and terrible jokes? I would pray to god, but I fear that not even god could help this family.

Casa De Pease

Well, we had an amazing lunch and visit with Mike in Denver.  We just picked up our home away from home and supplies.  We are on our way to Arches National park in Utah.  We won’t make it for sunset but we are definitely getting up to catch the sunrise.

Day 1 or Night 1!

We started the trip in true Pease fashion. We didn’t even make it through the ROC airport before the excitement began. Kevin set off the scanner do to abnormalities in the “crotch” area (NO, i am not making this up, and you can only imagine the jokes between the siblings!). So, the TSA agent explained to me that he would have to clear him by doing a “full” search of the area. He was very kind, but in the end did not buy Kevin dinner…Ha Ha! Kevin was a trooper as most of us would have died of embarrassment. I think the teasing finally ended once we landed in Charlotte.

The first leg of the flight was slightly delayed which made for a sprint through Charlotte airport to make the connection. Luckily we made it just in time.  The rest of the flight was fairly non-eventful up until the last hour. Word of advice don’t get the rotisserie chicken wrap at Subway…EVER! If you’ve ever seen Dumb and Dumber where Lloyd gives Harry an extra heaping of “colon blow” laxative in his coffee…enough said!

Looking forward to Day 2!

On our way…

Well, it’s finally here. Matt has done so much planning to make this a trip of a lifetime.  It’s a little stormy out and we are delayed a few minutes, but it definitely won’t dampen our spirits. I am especially excited to watch my childrens faces when they see all the places Matt has planned for us…. stay tuned, our adventure is only just begun

Fishin’ with the boys

Chartered a boat today and fished Lake Ontario with Ryan, Kevin, and Mason. Went out about 3-5 miles. Caught a laker each. Not bad especially when its your first time landing a big fish!

The Start…

Newport RI - Ocean Drive 2016

We started this site as a place to go, for family and friends, to share in our adventures as we travel and see new places! Our first documented trip will be our trip out west to Denver and San Francisco…STAY TUNED!