San Fransisco day 2

We were up early and made our way into the city. Matt had gotten our tickets (should I be worried he bought me a one way ticket?🤔)to Alcatraz a few weeks back.   Being there was one of the coolest experiences. I’ve always been fascinated with history of Alcatraz.  Coincidentally, yesterday was the 83rd anniversary of the first prisoner being brought to Alcatraz. We listened to a prisoner who was there the same time as the Robert”birdman of Alcatraz “Stroud was there. After Alcatraz we drove over the golden gate bridge  (it was too foggy to see the whole bridge) and into Sausalito.  What a beautiful town, of course we had to go have lunch and get a tequila sunrise at the historic Trident restaurant.  We walked around town and sat by the water.   To end the day we made our way back to Pacifica and found a Krispy Kream donut shop (after all the hiking and walking we have been doing, I can afford to eat a donut  or 2😉)

Day 1 in San Francisco 

What a day…..I woke up this morning to whales in the cove.🐳 We made our way to the parking garage and took the Bart into San Francisco.  At first sight,  it reminded us alot of New York city.  We walked for miles today(the hills in San Francisco are no joke!) Had lunch in an amazing Italian restaurant and then over to see the Ghirardelli store😁. Gotta LOVE the free sample when you first walk in. We walked along the pier and then headed up to Haight and Ashbury street. I am such a people watcher and I got quite the show today. We had so much fun exploring the city.Tomorrow Matt has another BIG day planned for us….

A little further west….

We dropped off Casa de Pease this morning and headed to the airport.  We arrived in San Francisco early this afternoon. Traffic out here is no joke.  We decided to have a low key night to rest up for the next leg of our adventure. Ate at a cute little Italian restaurant, grabbed a few groceries and headed to our rental house. What a view!!!!  Tomorrow we are back at it with a full day of exploring.  

Great sand dunes and Garden of the Gods

Yesterday we did some hiking (I just can’t escape it) and exploring in the great sand dunes. It was so amazing!  After a few hours we hit the road and headed north to the Garden of the Gods.  Matt and I were here 20 years ago. It was nice to see again, 
it was even better that we  can share the beauty with our children. We didn’t get out of the RV (the weather changes very quickly here) it was really cold and windy. Arrived back in Denver last night around 10:00. Today we are up early and ready for our next adventure…..

Yesterday in Durango and Alamosa

Yesterday we spent the day in Durango, great town. On the way to Alamosa we  (actually Matt) learned a valuable lesson. DON’T  try to drive an RV up a mountain with less than a 1/4 tank of gas. On a side note, his incredibly wise wife (that’s me) mentioned BEFORE he started the drive up the mountain that he was very low on gas.  OK, back to the story… He had to turn around at close to the top and coast down and BARELY made it to the gas station. Now, if you ask my husband he will tell you exactly what he said to me when we pulled in, “see, plenty of gas”  Meanwhile, I now have an ulcer, high blood pressure and a few more gray hairs😣 We arrived a little later than expected to Alamosa (probably due to him not listening to me🤔) so we found an awesome brew pub and had dinner.  Today,  great sand dunes and in to Colorado. 20170809_221616.jpg

Our day at the Grand Canyon

Well, we started our day with a helicopter ride over the grand canyon.  WOW!!! It was amazing. As we were flying to get to the canyon, we flew over some untouched land. The pilot said some people hike in there and will camp all summer. Matt later asked if I would want to do that for maybe a week not a whole summer.  Uh no, I kinda like a bed, shower and smelling nice but you go ahead🌲🌲⛺After the helicopter we had a great  lunch at a little Mexican restaurant in town. We were going to do a little hiking even though it was 2:00 and 87 degrees  (hmmmm, apparently we did not learn our lesson from yesterday 🌡🔥)  We decided to just walk along the walkway it was only .7 miles. As we were stopped taking our selfies,  the kids noticed a guy and his budfy over to the right of us jumping from one little cliff to another. What do you think happened to the idiots? Yup,one of them tumbled down from one of the cliffs 🤕 and the other was stuck on another cliff. I posted a picture…From the far left is the trail we were on, the guy and his friend went to point #1,down to 2 (which is where the one guy was stuck. The idiot jumped from 2 to 3 then fell to 4 (you can see him in the picture)It was one of the most terrifying things we have ever seen. They had to call in the rangers to rescue him.While he is waiting to be rescued, I hope he is thanking God he did not keep tumbling down. We are hoping he goes right to jail for putting those park rangers lives in danger having to save him. Besides that excitement,  we loved the view in the grand canyon.  On our way to Page,Arizona…