Zion national park

Today we went hiking in Zion national park.  I wasn’t sure that I wanted to go after the trama I suffered yesterday but, I am the leader of this clan (don’t tell Matt I said that 😉) so of course I had to go.  The park is so incredibly beautiful. We did learn a valuable lesson….when it is suggested to go hiking early morning or late afternoon due to the heat (it was 94 degrees today)  PLEASE LISTEN! These people know more than you.  We started our hike at 1:00.  Again!! We learned our lesson.  Our hike lasted 5 hours (seemed like 18 hours) Did I mention it was HOT?🌡🔥  Oh yeah, we saw a tarantula ,that was neat but creepy🕷 We had a great dinner at the Zion brew pub after our hike. We saw the most beautiful full moon as we drove out of town and of course we pulled over to take pictures On our way now to the grand canyon,  Matt has a big surprise planned for us tomorrow so stay tuned….




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  1. Happy Tuesday Pease Fam! I love following your blog! It sounds like you are having a wonderful time – the pictures are amazing! Have a blast and can’t wait to read about more adventures!!


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