Our day at the Grand Canyon

Well, we started our day with a helicopter ride over the grand canyon.  WOW!!! It was amazing. As we were flying to get to the canyon, we flew over some untouched land. The pilot said some people hike in there and will camp all summer. Matt later asked if I would want to do that for maybe a week not a whole summer.  Uh no, I kinda like a bed, shower and smelling nice but you go ahead🌲🌲⛺After the helicopter we had a great  lunch at a little Mexican restaurant in town. We were going to do a little hiking even though it was 2:00 and 87 degrees  (hmmmm, apparently we did not learn our lesson from yesterday 🌡🔥)  We decided to just walk along the walkway it was only .7 miles. As we were stopped taking our selfies,  the kids noticed a guy and his budfy over to the right of us jumping from one little cliff to another. What do you think happened to the idiots? Yup,one of them tumbled down from one of the cliffs 🤕 and the other was stuck on another cliff. I posted a picture…From the far left is the trail we were on, the guy and his friend went to point #1,down to 2 (which is where the one guy was stuck. The idiot jumped from 2 to 3 then fell to 4 (you can see him in the picture)It was one of the most terrifying things we have ever seen. They had to call in the rangers to rescue him.While he is waiting to be rescued, I hope he is thanking God he did not keep tumbling down. We are hoping he goes right to jail for putting those park rangers lives in danger having to save him. Besides that excitement,  we loved the view in the grand canyon.  On our way to Page,Arizona…

2 Replies to “Our day at the Grand Canyon”

  1. How do you compare Grand Canyon to Bryce? Looks like Grand Canyon has more color. Continued good times. Love to all. Papa and Grandma


  2. Bryce was probably my favorite. I thought the colors were unique. It was more of a purple and white with tons of the Hoo Doos mixed in with green pine trees. Grand Canyon was many different colors and was just HUGE! Was a little worried between Arches and Bryce that we were just going to see all red rock and nothing else. I was surprised and relieved that each park has been unique.The parks are almost surreal. Its like being in a movie when you’re within these huge mountains.


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